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What happens at a meeting?

New Directions support groups are organized by diagnosis; unipolar (depressive), bi-polar (manic-depressive), and family and friends. Each group is led by a facilitator, who has received training. The groups may be only one or two people, or over a dozen, but are usually between 8-12 people. The meetings last about 90 minutes.

Meetings take place in a relaxed atmosphere of intimacy, confidentiality, and self-reflection. This allows people to speak openly of their deepest feelings and concerns without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. In turn, they receive feedback and support from people who can truly emphathize with them.

Typical discussion topics include:

You will find all kinds of people at meetings - all ages, all walks of life. And most likely, several people with whom you share many things in common. It's not unusual to come away from a first meeting with the names and phone numbers of people you'd like to keep in touch with. This networking - this learning from other people's experiences - is at the heart of New Directions.